Script: Import Ascii track to CornerPin

Ascii Track importer Tutorial
Language: Python

This script automatically parses Nuke Ascii track files and creates CornerPin node with settable reference frame and option to calculate animated matrix.
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Gizmo: ColorPatch for Nuke

Color Patch Tutorial
Language: Python, TCL

This gizmo creates 4 point color gradient, derived from pixels it sits on. Helps you create a quick patch over homogenous areas of the picture. Especially effective on walls, skies etc.

Idea by: George Pinkava
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Tutorial: Creating fast water reflection in Nuke

Language: Expression based

A tool that simulates a simple water reflection of a mattepainting we had for a ships in the background. This scripts combines controlled noise and linear sinusoid animation of lines which distorts a UVmap, although very simple in concept, results were pretty solid for our project.
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Tutorial: Putting british fleet on fire in Nuke

I had a great opportunity to describe my work on VFX for Michiel de Ruyter in great detail. Thanks to provided work assets from ProgressiveFX.
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